Sandeep Arjun Pawar, the founder of Marathi Technology, opens up on the power of being a Marathi man!

April 8: Hello Maharashtra, I am Sandeep Arjun Pawar, founder of Marathi Technology. Marathi’s English name comes we have no relation we have never been aware of what they will do in life; we never felt the need, because we are children growing up in a Marathi environment. After all, the home environment is Marathi, but there is no question of whether we will do it in life. Life is a dream of the family to get a job. My son should get a job somewhere after passing 10th. 

History of our house, No one passed in our house after the 10th. His decision to do something is 11th and 12th KJ Mehta High School Marathi Medium Art’s honey. After completing his education up to the 12th standard, he became very fond of playing football. He used to lie on the ground all day long to play football. After the 12th standard, he got admission to Railway College, Panchavati College, Nashik. The following autumn football match will be played. I got good football training by playing in those matches, but I could not play inter-college because there was no team in the college. I decided to do MPSC to do something big. I didn’t want to study at MPSC, but I got into reading books when I was studying. And retirees go out to work without paying attention, So I thought that if I were looking for a job where there would be eight hours of duty, I would not have to do a lot of work; I would constantly be thinking of doing something new. 

Marathi Technology was not easy, I tried four YouTube channels, but it didn’t work. Patience was not there. YouTube eventually takes patients. Then I turned to blog. I had a lot of words because I had an extra reading. I don’t want to work, don’t want to do a job, do something new, and take a different step, but I can’t make money sitting at home. Words always fit in my head. She decided to make a news website in Marathi because she didn’t have it. She has not been paid for almost two years. Adsense has been cancelled. After four years of failure in nearly 50 blogs, a website called Marathi Technology has been revived in five years. 

Sandeep believes Marathi Technology is and will continue to strive to impart knowledge to a Marathi man who has no knowledge of computers and will consider blogs as a side business in his life and will be able to stand up for the struggling life ahead to support his family. Marathi man does not lag anywhere in life, and he will continue this struggle of life with the expectation that he should not stay.