Businessman Atreya Barad says “Criticizing people doing jobs is only a sign of a foolish person”

Goa, May 16: To give you a background, Atreya Barad is a Goan Business owner. He is currently running his company named Zera.Co, a business that deals with 3 different services. Their Services include Water Supply, Earthmovers & Construction Materials.

In our recent interview with Mr. Barad, we spoke about why jobs are equally important and respectful as businesses.

There’s been this debate these days about business v/s jobs, what are your views on this?

Atreya – (He smiled & said) – Yes, I’ve been hearing this for a long time. To be honest most of these debates are only marketing campaigns to sell stuff to people. It is nothing but making money from people who are either not satisfied with their jobs or are looking to start something of their own, otherwise, there is no need for any such debate.

A lot of people have this dream of setting something of their own or being their own boss. These marketing campaigns are made to target these people. Most of these are Ponzi schemes, MLM or someone selling business solutions.

There’s nothing wrong with making money from it if it is legal, if you’re helping someone achieve something it’s not a problem. I only have a problem with the egoistic approach with which these things are being marketed. Most of these people come up with statements like “If you don’t work on your dreams somebody will hire you to build theirs’’ or something like “Job is a rat race”. I do not believe in these things. If you cannot respect the people who work for you, you do not deserve to make money from the hard work that these people put in for you. It is very disrespectful to say that your team members or employees are running in a rat race or not working on their dream because they are working for you.

If you see someone like Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) or Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) these people are also doing jobs. There are millions of kids who aspire to be like them. They inspire a person as much as Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft) or Larry Page (Founder of Google) would do.

If the employees are feeling that they’re running in a rat race or they need to quit & start something of their own, it can also be because their leaders are not able to fulfil what these employees are looking for.

You will never hear Sundar Pichai saying “Job is a trap” or “Larry Page hired me because I did not work on my dreams”. These statements are bullshit.

As an entrepreneur or a leader of the business, it is the duty of the leader to build his organization in a way that his dream helps people achieve their dreams and he builds a fortune for both the employees as well as himself. Creating a place where people aspire to get their dream job.

I completely agree with you, what advice would you give to people who have just passed out from their college? Should they aspire for a job or set up a business?

Atreya- Well, it completely depends on what they want from their life, some people create great organizations, and some people join ordinary organizations and make them great. Both are equally important and it is completely a choice of that person. You cannot force somebody to do something just because it makes sense to you. Different things make sense to different people. What I feel is a wonderful idea may seem completely stupid to you. It is only their life circumstances and experiences that will help them choose what is best for them.

How would you summarize what you just said?

Atreya- The summary will be that one must never compare jobs and businesses, both are important. Without the employee, the owner can only perform in certain areas and without an owner, the employee has no areas to perform. Only respect for each other can help build healthy relationships. This is an integral part of any organization.

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