‘Conquering The Blue Skies’ launches stress management programs for airplane pilots and cabin crew

New Delhi (India), June 10: The only aviation centre launches its program to help these aviation professionals manage stress and self-doubt to overcome both mental and physical fatigue to increase confidence and productivity, directly affecting the success of the individuals and hence the airlines. This program is also designed to relieve the accumulated fatigue and jet lag, which are a constant companion of every flight crew member due to the erratic, around the clock non-stop flying patterns.

The brain behind this one-of-its-kind life-transforming centre dedicated to aviation professionals is Captain Farah Khan Pethe, the first Indian Muslim Commercial Airline Captain with her experience of more than 24 years as a Boeing 737 Trainer and author of her book “Conquering The Blue Skies – My Journey To Becoming A Pilot.” Being a part of the aviation industry, Captain Farah Khan Pethe is well aware of the barriers that affect pilots’ and cabin crew’s personal life and professional attributes. Flight crew members at all levels are subjected to stress, anxiety and other forms of mental and physical constraints, which can potentially interfere with effective and efficient job performance and job satisfaction. Conquering The Blue Skies looks forward to countering this issue and helping flight crew members live a better quality of life through well-structured and personalised programs and tools.

Talking about her initiative, Captain Farah Khan Pethe remarks, “As a Commercial Airline Captain, I have first-hand experience on how difficult situations caused by tiring flights follow people in the aviation sector. Ignoring the early signs and accumulation of stress can hinder your abilities, thereby affecting your confidence level to grow in your professional career. At Conquering the Blue Skies, I am focused on developing a scientifically-proven program to assist flight crew members, in coping with stressful conditions both at work and home, and regaining their mental and physical strength, thereby serving the purpose in the most effective way possible”

In the modern world, stress is inevitable. Nonetheless, job stress must not come in the way of your professional success and personal happiness. Stress affects airline organizations as much as it affects airline professionals. Studies suggest that job stress causes airline organizations $150 billion every year in the forms of workplace injury, workers’ compensation, illness, absenteeism, tardiness, and poor productivity. With the help of neuroscience, Conquering the Blue Skies Flight Crew Transformation Center is all set to bring a positive change in the lives of airline pilots and cabin crew members thereby uplifting the entire aviation industry with a new outlook.