Remarkable Recovery: Healing Hospital Chandigarh Successfully Treats Patient with Complex Spine Fracture After a Devastating Fall

New Delhi (India), September 29: In a testament to the unwavering dedication and expertise of Healing Hospital, located in Sector 34, Chandigarh, a life-altering incident took a miraculous turn towards recovery. On the fateful day of 29th August 2023, Roshan Lal, a 50-year-old resident of Punjab, experienced a life-threatening spine fracture after a terrifying fall from a significant height. The incident plunged him into excruciating pain, followed by paralysis and unconsciousness, leaving his future hanging in the balance.

The accident, which could have been a tragic end, became a remarkable story of resilience and medical excellence, thanks to the swift response of emergency medical personnel and the unparalleled expertise of Healing Hospital. Upon his arrival at the hospital, Roshan Lal was immediately assessed and diagnosed with a spine-C5 Fracture with cord compression with dural tear, C4 C5 spinous process fracture with right C5 lateral mass fracture with quadriplegia, a complex and life-altering condition.

Expertise That Matters

At the heart of this miraculous recovery stands Dr. Ajay Singh, a renowned spinal specialist at Healing Hospital. Dr. Ajay Singh, with a legacy of excellence in spine and neurosurgery, performed a complex spinal surgery on Roshan Lal. The procedure involved a C4 C5 Laminectomy with cord/spinal canal decompression and C4-C5-C6 fixation with fusion using the lateral mass screw. The surgery was a resounding success, and Dr. Ajay Singh’s optimism regarding Roshan Lal’s future mobility and quality of life shines brightly.

A Beacon of Excellence: Healing Hospital

Healing Hospital, a NABH Accredited institution, takes immense pride in its mission to provide world-class medical care. The hospital, established in 2016, embarked on a journey guided by the singular mission of delivering high-quality healthcare services. From its modest beginnings, Healing Hospital has evolved into Chandigarh’s largest private healthcare institution, offering a comprehensive range of medical specialties.

The hospital’s impressive track record speaks volumes – with over 50,000 surgeries performed, an annual OPD footfall of 100,000, and successful treatment of over 10 lakh patients. Healing Hospital’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through multiple awards, including the prestigious title of the provider of Best Medical Services in Chandigarh at the All India Media Meet 2023, as conferred by Hon’ble Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann. The hospital has also earned accolades at Asia’s Biggest Six Sigma Award, cementing its reputation for quality and innovation.

A Hub of Advanced Spinal Care: Expertise + Technology 

Healing Hospital has evolved as an advanced destination for spinal injuries Patients from across India and even globally seek solace in Healing Hospital when faced with spine and neuro-related challenges.

Roshan Lal’s Message of Gratitude:

I cannot find words that truly capture the depth of my gratitude to Healing Hospital & Dr. Ajay Singh. My life took an unexpected turn after the accident, and I was plunged into darkness. Their expertise, compassion, and unwavering support have been my pillars of strength throughout this journey.

Specialized Spinal Rehabilitation and Education

Healing Hospital goes beyond the surgery room, offering specialized rehabilitation for spinal injuries through its dedicated physiotherapy & rehabilitation department. The hospital understands that recovery extends beyond the operating table, and they stand committed to supporting patients on their journey towards mobility and wellness.

Furthermore, Healing Hospital is at the forefront of patient education. With a leading YouTube channel garnering more than 7 million views, the hospital educates patients about spine health, injury prevention, and early intervention. Patients share their experiences regarding spine procedures, empowering others with knowledge and hope.

Leadership’s Vision for Healing Hospital:

Sahibjit Singh Sandhu & Drishmeet Singh Buttar, Partners at Healing Hospital, echoes this commitment, stating, “We’re dedicated to excellence, transforming lives. Roshan Lal’s recovery embodies Healing Hospital’s ethos – where technology and compassion converge.” Together, they emphasize Healing Hospital’s position as the premier center for spinal care, where advanced technology and unwavering compassion pave the way to brighter tomorrows.

Dr. Ajay Singh, the driving force behind this remarkable recovery, emphasizes, “In the realm of spine and neurosurgery, our mission extends beyond physical healing; it’s about restoring hope and quality of life. Roshan Lal’s recovery underscores the power of expertise and empathy working hand in hand.” 

Financial Support and Accessibility

In recognition of the financial challenges, Healing Hospital has taken steps to ease the burden. The hospital is empaneled with all the major insurance providers, ensuring that patients have access to necessary financial support. Additionally, Healing Hospital extends the facility of EMI at 0% interest, further exemplifying its commitment to accessible healthcare.

In conclusion, Healing Hospital’s remarkable recovery of Roshan Lal stands as a testament to the fusion of expertise and technology in the realm of medical care. 

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