Akhand Hind Fauj: A Literary Beacon of Patriotism and Resilience

New Delhi (India), November 1: The author writes stories that have different themes and plots. Mostly, these are suspense-action stories. He has written more than 5 books, and more are yet to come…

The last 3 stories (Shadyantra, The Conducer and Akhand Hind Fauj) he has written are patriotic, with the protagonists who feel for the nation.

This story is one of them. You can say that this story is a poetic justice to the Citizens of India. 

Looking at the political and social problems that are slowly unfolding in the nation, incited by some political leaders, media and social media influencers, the condition may soon be out of control – he has tried in his unique way to warn citizens of the impending danger.

AKHAND HIND FAUJ may soon be the need of the country if judicial machinery doesn’t pull up its socks.

Link to the book: https://amzn.eu/d/cQC3OKE 

Let’s delve into the author’s insights.

Q1. Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind “AKHAND HIND FAUJ” and why you decided to write this book?

Ans: There was no specific inspiration behind his story except that a poetic justice is served to the Citizens of India. For 2 long years we were under lockdown because of mischief by China. The only source of information and entertainment was TV and Social Media. Looking at what was happening around I felt sad and to take my mind off – I started to write this story. There was no pre-conceptual idea. 

But, to my amazement, most of the situations I wrote in early 2022 became a reality of sorts – like a DeJaVu… You may remotely feel that these incidents have happened in the recent past. I feel for my Nation – INDIA/BHARAT… and I want it to flourish…

Q2. The book’s description mentions it contains violence. Could you explain the role of violence in the story and how it serves the narrative?

Ans: Yes. It does contain violence – it’s the violence that’s been simmering in our society. This then became a concept that if judicial machinery is not strong – can violence be an answer to unprovoked violence? And thus the question is raised – a strong judicial machinery or Akhand Hind Fauj

Q3. How do you intend to convey the message of patriotism to your readers through this book?

Ans: All I want is Citizens of India to think rationally as to what will take the Nation forward, not backward. There are elements in the society who want to halt the progress we are making and turn the clock backwards so that they can benefit – be it Political leaders, Journalists, Liberal Thinkers, Smugglers, Infiltrators or forces from beyond the boundaries. We, as Indians, need to unite and fight this war – mental and informative.

Q4. What motivated you to use the term “AKHAND HIND FAUJ” in the title, and what does it signify in the context of the story?

Ans: I was reading about AZAD HIND FAUJ formed by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and that’s what motivated me to use this term…

AZAD HIND FAUJ was formed to liberate our nation from the colonial rule of British – AKHAND HIND FAUJ is a concept to keep it free to enjoy the freedom from Colonial Rule – be it physical or from the mentality of Colonialism. AKHAND HIND FAUJ takes inspiration from our Freedom fighters.

Q5. What challenges did you face while writing a book with such a strong patriotic theme, and how did you overcome them?

Ans: Frankly – I didn’t face any challenges while writing this book. The main challenge was to keep the story in as few pages as possible. I could have gone on writing more – the topics I have not covered, I intend to write in my upcoming books that deal with various threats to the Great Nation called INDIA. (The Curse of HuLu, etc.)

The enemy forces from outside and within have to be vanquished if we want to progress and live in peace. 

Get the book: https://notionpress.com/read/akhand-hind-fauj 

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