Balmukund Steel: Pioneer Leader In Steel Trade Market Across Eastern India

Balmukund Steel

The iron and steel TMT bar industries are India’s most essential sectors since they contribute significantly to the country’s economic development. It is employed in practically every industry,

Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 2: The iron and steel TMT bar industries are India’s most essential sectors since they contribute significantly to the country’s economic development. It is employed in practically every industry, from construction to the manufacture of TMT bars, due to its high quality and strength. As with all steel and iron products, TMT bars play a key role in the modern building industry by offering ductility, quality, safety, and longevity.

Balmukund Steel is one such steel trade leader in eastern India, founded in 1995 by the family members of the Late Gopal Krishna Kanodia. Balmukund Steel is in the business of producing Bars and Rods of various sizes and standards to meet the needs of customers, with a capacity of 200,000 tons on a double-shift basis. Steel Rods (CTD/ TMT/CRS) in sizes ranging from 6 mm to 32 mm are rolled goods. These rolled goods, including 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, and 32 mm rods, are widely employed in building and civil construction projects.

Balmukund Steel is strategically located in Patna, India, a consumer-oriented market with all the necessary amenities. To meet its clients’ ever-increasing expectations, the firm relies on its large vendor base and vast distribution network. Balmukund Steel has been able to broaden the reach of its products across the country due to the sheer devotion and hard work of its employees. The firm ensures that its clients receive the ordered consignment on time due to its cordial business relationships with vendors and its efficient domestic dealers. For its domestic consumers, Balmukund Steel guarantees delivery within one or two days. Significantly, the company procures its raw materials from the country’s biggest manufacturers, including Tata Steel & Jindal Steel.

Core Philosophy
Balmukund Steel’s corporate governance philosophy is to achieve operational efficiencies in all aspects of the company’s operations while adhering to all statutory and regulatory requirements. The company believes in transparency, openness, and information disclosure that is commensurate with the business environment in which it operates. The intent of this code is to define the highest levels of honesty, integrity, ethical and law-abiding behavior.

Board members and senior management personnel ensure that all statutory and regulatory regulations that apply to the company are followed. Transparency, according to the company, entails explaining the company’s policies and actions to people for whom it is responsible. As a result, transparency must result in maximum appropriate disclosures while protecting the company’s strategic interests. Internally, transparency entails being transparent in a company’s interaction with its employees as well as conducting business in a way that can be scrutinized. Balmukund Steel believes that transparency enhances accountability.

Quality Assured Products
Rajeev Kanodia, Director, Balmukund Steel, adds, “Balmukund Steel firmly believes that ‘togetherness is the key to success’. With this motto, Balmukund Steel promises to deliver the finest Quality Products to its customers on time and at a competitive price. Balmukund Steel is determined to keep alive the feeling of growing together. 

This feeling extends from the company to all its employees, clients, suppliers, and all dealers attached to the company”.

In today’s globalization race, various industries have seen a great influx and innovation of technology, both of which are critical to the growth of the economy. Grasping cutting-edge technology has become the real test for any company’s success in the current age. The effective application of technology has a significant impact on corporate competitiveness, which is no more a question of choice but of necessity. Balmukund Steel recognizes this requirement and is proud to be a manufacturer of 6 mm to 32 mm TMT bars in India, which are created using a unique and fully integrated production process that employs optimum technology and quality checkpoints at every stage. These bars offer an unrivaled combination of strength, ductility, exceptional weldability, and what the company refer to as the strength of truth.

“Customers want products to be of high quality, and many plants are failing to meet that standard. We have invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and regularly audit its production process to ensure that its clients receive high-quality products. Balmukund Steel does not cater to all markets rather, we prefer to serve only the quality market where the quality of the products is required. When the quality demand rises, our firm increases output and expands its pipeline”, speaks Rajeev Kanodia, Director.

The raw materials, which are M S billets/ingots of IS2830 quality, are self-produced and purchased under a rigorous quality control system. Physical inspection of raw materials is also performed to remove any defective parts. Qualified Supervisors and Foremen ensure quality in terms of section weight and size maintenance. Qualified Engineers work to ensure that necessary standards and specifications are met. Random samples from the production process are drawn every half hour for testing while the final product is being tested. Values are documented and recorded lot by lot in accordance with IS1786/1985 for TMT bars and IS-2830 for billets/ingots and serve as the foundation for issuing test certificates to clients. These reports are also submitted to the consultant, whose suggestions for improving the quality of the materials are implemented.

The Balmmukund TMT bars even excel in the BIS norms. Besides, they go through three stages of quality checks: the raw material stage, where the material is subjected to rigorous chemical and physical checks; the manufacturing stage, where its team of technicians checks process parameters such as the temperature of the bar, the diameter, and so on, and finally the pre-dispatch quality check, which includes testing of the physical and chemical properties of the bars. Its testing laboratory boasts the utilization of cutting-edge assessing equipment, such as the UTM-50MT capacity machine, for testing the physical qualities of the bar.

“You can be sure of two things when you buy Balmukund TMT bar: they bring quality and endurance to your structure when you buy Balmukund TMT bar, they bring quality and endurance to your structure” says Sanjeev Kanodia, CEO.

Journey of Success
Since its founding in 1995, Balmukund Steel has developed exponentially, establishing a significant name in the industry. The firm was the brainchild of Late Gopal Krishna Kanodia, who had extensive experience in the iron and steel industry. He is well supported by his dynamic sons, Rajeev Kanodia and Sanjeev Kanodia, who are steering the firm toward greater heights. 

With a modest beginning, the company is now poised to write new chapters of excellence in the production of high-quality TMT bars. With an unwavering conviction in its potential, as well as pure drive and tenacity, the company has forged a noteworthy reputation across the whole value chain. Balmukund Steel has spent a significant amount of time and money establishing a cutting-edge production facility in Bihta in order to produce high-quality products and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with customers in meeting their needs. The legacy has been carried through by strict sampling, prompt shipment, and constant technological advancement. Balmukund Steel continues to expand based on its key values of quality management, constant innovation, and understanding customers’ needs.

Over the years, Balmukund Steel has increased its turnover from 50cr to 500cr and its volume from 3000 per month to 18,000 tons per month. The firm continues to expand based on its key values of quality management, constant innovation, and understanding customers’ needs. Balmukund Steel was able to strengthen its position as a market leader by continuously improving the quality of its steel products.

“We are highly optimistic about the market’s demand. Within two to three years, we’ll be able to further set out footprints in the market of West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Odissa”, signs off Sanjeev Kanodia, CEO of Balmukund Steel.